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Torino. Università di Torino- Università del Piemonte Orientale - Università La Sapienza di Roma 11 dicembre 2018 - Circoncisione rituale e sistema sanitario pubblico

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Tallin -Estonia - 16th -19th November - Council of the European Union - Venue: National Library of Estonia ( International Conference “Religion, Society, State.” -

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Master’s Program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship”




18/11/2017 - Academic year 2017-2018

Master’s Program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship”

Call for applications for admission to the Master’s Program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship” University of Padua and University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy

Inauguration of a master’s program for research and training in the topics of “Religion, Politics and Citizenship”. This program has been created as a tribute to the scientific collaboration between the Institute of Research and Higher Studies of Granada, The Interuniversity Center for Culture, Law and Religions, which counts with the participation of seven universities, among them the University of Padua and the University of Eastern Piedmont.

The master’s program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship” is a graduate interdisciplinary program, with a training period of one academic year. Its objective is to train researchers, providing them with solid theoretical foundations in political philosophy, social sciences and religious thought; as well as with a scientific methodology for approaching cultural pluralism, religious coexistence and Islamic movements in Europe and in the Arab world and qualifying them to manage difference, diversity and coexistence.

Therefore, the master’s program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship” adopts an interdisciplinary approach in the fields of philosophy, social and political sciences for the study of the relation between religion and politics in modern State and its links with citizenship, freedom, pluralism, development and social peace issues. Additionally, this master’s program offers special attention to the cultural and social presence of Islam in Europe, the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East, particularly with regard to the main current geopolitical and international issues. Its goal is to train researchers and consultants for the public and private administration and contribute to the training of civil servants and managers in the fields of association work, social services and cultural mediation, as well as educators from fields related to the specialization of the program, researchers in contemporary philosophic and Islamic studies, local community leaders and activists in the fields of culture, society, politics and communication.

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