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Torino. Università di Torino- Università del Piemonte Orientale - Università La Sapienza di Roma 11 dicembre 2018 - Circoncisione rituale e sistema sanitario pubblico

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Tallin -Estonia - 16th -19th November - Council of the European Union - Venue: National Library of Estonia ( International Conference “Religion, Society, State.” -

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Master’s Program in “Religion, Politics and Citizenship”

FIDR – International Forum for Religions and Democracy

The FIDR is a Interuniversity Centre of research about Religious Study, created by: University of Eastern Piedmont “Amedeo Avogadro”, University of Insubria, University of Milan, University of Padua and Catholic University of Milan. One of its institutional main purposes is, other than education and research, knowledge transfer on the ethnical-religious conflicts currently present in contemporary democracies and national law systems, especially in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.


In the view of the above, the Centre is continuously working on improving its research methodologies, through initiatives and scientific activities. Creating a net with other centers and the Italian Public administration in order to provide effective solutions in the field of governance in multi-cultural societies is also one of its main targets.


Through collaboration among Universities, the Civil Society, Public Institutions and Cultural Associations, the FIDR aims to reflect on the role played by religions in European liberal democracies. It analyzes, in an interdisciplinary prospect, coexistence problems that are typical of highly multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies.


Our conviction that a secular state does not necessarily mean unconcern towards religious phenomena, spurs us to reflect on the complex dynamics of lay and religious humanism, which is present, with different shapes, in various continents.


One of the main purposes of the center is therefore, the one of studying the dynamics of plural societies. A shared ethos should be found, in order to guarantee good social cohesion. The different projects within the FIDR programs will analyze a series of issues, such as the new borders of secularism, shared values in a multicultural society, the problems between the state and real life in a multicultural society, the costs of diversity and the foundations of social peace.